ADRAD has been awarded globally in Zero Project Conference in Vienna on 10 February, 2016 for its ELECTS campaign.

ADRAD   has been awarded for its innovative project “Enhancing LEarning Capabilities of Students” (ELECTS) in the Zero Project Conference 2016 convened in Vienna, Austria, from the 10 -12th February 2016.

The Conference was meaningful to strengthen the commitment of all stakeholders to protect, respect and promote the rights of persons with disabilities for equitable access to education and ICT in their respective societies.

The Zero Project Conference is an annual event and also excellent fora to share innovative policies and practices as per Article 24 – Inclusive Education of the UN CRPD. It is also an opportunity to discuss best practices and lessons learnt by policy makers, academics, civil servants, Civil Society Organizations, Disabled Peoples’ Organizations, media and other experts from various parts of the globe.

More information about the conference programme and details are available at:

ADRAD is producing the digital books of primary, secondary, under graduate and University level textbooks in technical and financial cooperation of Accessible Books Consortium (ABC) in WIPO. By applying the expertise of our organisation, the digital books are made available free of cost to the end-users. There is funding support from WIPO for purchasing the ANDROID device which is provided to the neediest end-users through equitable loaning system.

Please visit the innovative practice that ADRAD was awarded for:

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